Industrial Applications

NORDOX is a leading manufacturer of Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O). NORDOX markets and sells cuprous oxide of high purity and uniform particle size and color for a range of industrial applications, including as the active material in anti-fouling paints. Nordox has customers in more than 50 countries, and covers all continents except Antarctica.

NORDOX’ customers rely on the company’s stable product quality and its ability to supply them as agreed, either directly from the plant in Norway or from a range of warehouses strategically placed throughout the world.

The NORDOX packaging comes in all sizes, from heavy-duty 25 kg five-ply polyethylene lined paper bags to efficient 1,000 kg big-bags manufactured to meet Nordox’ strict specifications.

NORDOX’ products are environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle.

  • Only recycled copper is being used as raw materials in the manufacture of NORDOX cuprous oxide, and Northern European suppliers ensure a small carbon footprint for this material.
  • The NORDOX manufacturing process takes place in a closed-loop plant centrally located in Oslo, Norway, and is subject to strict standards regulating emissions to air, water and the ground.
  • NORDOX cuprous oxide applied to the hulls of ships of all kind is crucial to avoid the growth of barnacles and other foulants that would rapidly result in a dramatic increase in fuel consumption.
  • Through the prevention of foulant build up NORDOX cuprous oxide stops the transfer of invasive species from one location to another.