Nordox Products

NORDOX takes pride in supplying a range of cuprous oxide formulations tailor made to suit the requirements of the specific customers. All NORDOX products meet strict specifications and have superior color stability and particle size distribution. The content of inactive metallic copper and cupric oxide in Nordox cuprous oxide is lower than for competing material.

NORDOX CUPROUS OXIDE, RED, PAINT GRADE (MSDS PG I TDS PG) is used by marine paints manufacturers throughout the World, whereas XLT G (MSDS XLT G | TDS XLT G) is a controlled-release formulation used by manufacturers of specialty marine paints.

Whereas NORDOX CUPROUS OXIDE, RED, PAINT GRADE typically is applied to anti-fouling paints in a 25-40 wt % concentration the XLT grades are applied with a rate of 20-25% due to their controlled-release properties. XLT grades should not be subjected to milling or grinding subsequent to mixing as this may affect the integrity of the XLT particles.

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