NORDOX celebrates 50 years in 2012!

NORDOX was founded on February 8, 1962 and consequently we proudly celebrate our 50th anniversary this year. The roots of the company are however more than 100 years old. The origins of NORDOX go back to 1886, the founding year of the NORDEN paint factory specializing in cuprous oxide based antifouling paint for the fishing fleet. In the 1920′s the company started cuprous oxide production for its own requirements.

After World War II the company won a contract to supply the cuprous oxide to the British Admiralty, which gave an incentive to expand the capacity and to supply other marine paint manufacturers as well. In 1962 the cuprous oxide business was established as NORDOX under new ownership with the objective of specializing in cuprous oxide for the world market.

Since 1975 the company has been fully owned by the foundation Stiftelsen NORDOX. The idea of specializing in production of cuprous oxide has proven to be a good and sustainable one. We have in these 50 years experienced an exceptionally successful growth, with activities in more than 70 countries world-wide. Parallel with the development of the antifouling market, several other applications have been introduced, with plant protection, fertilizer and the use in net-dip for fish farming being the most important ones. We believe that dedicated and professional employees, with high attention to customers’ requirements as well as a strong determination to continuous development of high quality products and state of the art production technology are the major reasons for our success.

We look forward to the next 50 years.

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